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Wilderness Wall Tent Hunts

For the hunter who wants a little more country in which to roam in search of a giant buck, we offer the remote wilderness deer hunt. This hunt has a maximum of four hunters per week and is only available the fourth week of rifle season (usually the last week of November) and the first week of muzzle loader (usually the first week of Decmeber). During these weeks it is not uncommon to have plenty of snow on the ground to make for better hunting; a hunter can cut a track and go.

Comfort in the Wilderness!

Our remote wilderness camp is located in the northwest corner of Maine near the Canadian border. This area is a vast working forest, scattered with timber harvesting operations in various stages of growth. Combined with mountains and ridges, streams and cedar swamps, this area is a prime hunting location. With ample food and endless cover the bucks grow big and mature.

Our remote camp is in prime hunting country!

This hunt is for the more experienced outdoorsman. Hunters should be in decent shape and have a sound working knowledge with a hand held GPS . Our primary methods of hunting are tracking, calling, and still hunting. We take this hunt seriously, spending endless hours preparing for it.

Warm wall tents.

Our accommodations are warm wall tents with extra large cots with mattresses, wood and propane heat, and home cooked meals. The cost of this five and a half day hunt is $950 per person. It includes accommodations, guide, meals from Sunday dinner to Saturday's lunch, stands and blinds. Our goal is to provide a high quality hunt with comfortable accommodations. This is a true wilderness experience. Join us for a trophy hunt of a lifetime, wake up in the heart of the hunt.

There are big ones around!


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